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“JVNS is a fantastic institution! My son is happy, engaged and learning so much. I find the teachers friendly and approachable and kind, patient and imaginative with the children. Outstanding!”


The nursery school follows a regular, but flexible, daily routine. There are a wide variety of activities such as construction, craft and painting, games, stories, play dough, gardening, role play and much more. Structured into each morning are group activities, which are purposely varied to give children a broad range of experiences. These include music (singing, band, music and movement), cookery and gym sessions.

The importance of physical activity is stressed both indoors and outside. The nursery has a generous array of tricycles, scooters, a sand-pit, slides, water play and balance equipment. We also make use of the woods and village green all year round with the children practising sports there in the summer term. The children play outside every day unless there are very harsh weather conditions. Snow and rain provide extra opportunities for learning!!

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