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"I like how attentive the teachers are with the children and the way they praise them and show understanding for what is important to the children. I think the organisation and general running of the nursery is excellent! I can’t think of anything that could be improved upon."



From the start all children are encouraged to concentrate on activities for short periods and to develop skills in all areas of learning. Over the time that they are with us, we will aim to help them to build on these skills and to have a broad range of experiences through planned activities.

Interesting activities are planned outdoors and indoors to support learning across all areas of the curriculum. We regularly have small group activities in our classroom area. The content of the educational programme takes account of “The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage” set out by the Department for Education. We focus on the three prime areas of Learning and Development which are:

1.     Personal, social and emotional development

2.     Physical development

3.     Communication and language

In addition we also ensure that activities are planned in the four specific areas of Learning and Development:

1.     Literacy

2.     Mathematics

3.     Understanding the world

4.     Expressive arts and design

Within these areas of learning and development, activities are planned and resources are provided to help children to work towards the early learning goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Each of these curriculum topics has further levels that form the basis of our activity plans and we work through them with all the children. If you want to see more of the EYFS framework and its details, please talk to your key person


Making Relationships

Counting and Comparing

Expressive Art and Design

If you would like anymore information on the EYFS and how it supports your child's learning then please follow the link below.


Other useful sites to support your child's learning include 4children, - which contains lots of useful information about child development and the EYFS areas of learning and Foundation Years / From pregnancy to children aged 5, - this website also contains a handy booklet 'What to expect when' which is a summary of child developmental stages. Copies can be purchased for £2.99 from the website. We also have a copy on the nursery notice board.

These sites can also help you learn more about your child's development:

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