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I couldn’t ask for anything more! It is a wonderful, happy, enthusiastic nursery. Thank you!”

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


At Jordans Village Nursery School we welcome children with special educational needs and have a member of our team who works specifically with our children who need a little extra help - Liza Langton.


We celebrate all children and embrace diversity, recognising the rich contribution of each unique child. We focus on children's achievement and look at children as learners no matter their starting point. We believe that all children should have equal access to appropriate opportunities, regardless of their individual needs. We recognise a child that has special educational needs calls for special educational provision to be made for him/her. We offer support and guidance, monitoring progress through observations and record keeping. We can recommend professionals, agencies and support groups where necessary. We hold regular meetings with parents/carers and concerns are dealt with sensitively and confidentially with the child's best interest always foremost. We keep up to date on changes and improvements by regular contact with the Early Years Inclusion team through meetings, training and briefings. Our friendly, approachable team is available to give advice on individual needs.

Jordans Village Nursery School:

* believes that every child is unique

* values their contribution and aims to nurture and develop each individual

* respects, values and celebrates our differences

* supports each child's well-being, self-image and confidence in their abilities to learn and achieve

* recognises that we all learn from each other

* understands everyone has a fundamental right to a fair and equal education

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