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Our Vision

At Jordans Village Nursery School every child matters. We aim to improve outcomes and reflect that it is every child’s right to grow up safe; with a curiosity about the world and a desire to learn; enjoying and achieving; making positive contribution and with economic well-being. We will continue to be a supportive and welcoming child friendly environment. We will nurture each child as an individual via a varied and stimulating curriculum to provide every opportunity for them to further their development through planned, purposeful play.

Glitter Slime
‘It is a rich environment filled with fun activities, warm and caring staff, a wonderful range of experiences and extremely happy children and parents. It is a special place.’

Why Choose Us

"The nursery staff are superb, emanating warmth, experience and knowledge. The nursery environment is calm and inviting. Activities are broad ranging and every morning, both inside the hall and in the outside play area, various engaging play options are presented. Feedback/communication is open and progress monitoring and goal setting is transparent and helpful."

  • A friendly, qualified team with years of experience at the nursery 

  • Dynamic, stimulating activities both adult planned and child led

  • 1 team member is SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) trained

  • A varied curriculum covering all areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

  • Flexible hours to suit your child's needs

  • A unique environment with access to woods and the village green plus strong links to the community with preferential access to Jordans School

To read our Ofsted reports please click here

Aims and Objectives

We aim to improve the outcomes for every child, through creating an environment that is safe and encourages a curiosity about the world; whilst developing a desire to learn and enjoy achieving.

We treat each child as an individual and provide the opportunity for them to progress and grow through planned, purposeful play.

Our objective is to ensure every child is engaged and highly motivated to learn. Whilst developing their independence and providing a wide range of skills and activities to prepare them for their transition to school.

We encourage a healthy lifestyle through plenty of outdoor play and a fruit or vegetable based snack.

We are an inclusive nursery and encourage respect and cooperation, by creating a warm and strong partnership with our children and parents. We strive to continuously improve by being reflective and responsive to everyone's needs.

Our 3 golden rules shared with the children are:


Be kind and friendly

Be helpful and thoughtful

Keep yourself and others safe

Right Respecting

We believe that a child's nursery experience must be one where play experiences are planned, purposeful and build on children's interests and achievements.

We believe that creating a nurturing learning environment is the best way to encourage a strong sense of self-accomplishment in young children.

We believe children are best supported when parents and staff work together; working in close partnership with parents and other adults in a child's life; we ensure that Jordans Village Nursery School is a happy and nurturing place for all.

We believe children need to be respected in order to respect.

We believe in lifelong learning. It is important to provide staff with training and development opportunities so they, in turn, can provide the children with effective, learning experiences.

We believe it is crucial to foster links with our local community, accessing local resources so the children develop a sense of connection and belonging.

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