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Coming to Nursery



Please dress your child in clothes they can play freely in. Children can get messy, especially when fully engaged in an activity using paint, mud, shaving foam, gloop, etc. Their clothes should be easy for them to change and use the toilet by themselves to help promote independence.

As we go out whatever the weather please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for the seasons. A sun hat for summer; warm coat, hat and gloves/mittens for winter; a raincoat and wellington boots for rain.

Your child will be given a peg bag when they start nursery for spare clothes, nappies and wipes (should nappies be required). Please check these bags regularly to ensure items are replaced, clothes fit and are appropriate for the season.

Please ensure all items are NAMED.

Absence / Sickness

Please use the nursery mobile number, please ask if you do not have it, to let us know if your child will not be attending nursery or if you need to contact us in an emergency during nursery hours to let us know you have been delayed, etc. We find the children do appreciate the reassurance of knowing why you may be a little bit late!

 Medical forms for medicines must be completed in order for us to administer them. Please note that children need to be clear of sickness or diarrhoea for 48 hours before returning to nursery. 


Lunches / Snack

Lunch club is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from the end of the morning session (12noon) to 1.30. Children bring their own packed lunch and eat in the company of teachers and peers. Once finished they play. 

Lunch Boxes

Please remember to cut grapes and cherry tomatoes in half to avoid choking. Please do not include nuts. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to heat up food. Please remember to put an ice pack in their lunch box to keep food fresh. Thank you.

We are often asked for ideas for a healthy lunchbox, an example would be: a small sandwich or a pot of pasta, a piece of fruit/vegetables and a drink. Should you want more suggestions and ideas please take a look at the following website:



We encourage healthy eating at nursery offering fruit and vegetables at snack time.  A drink of water or milk is also provided. Water is available at all times for children to drink.

Parents must inform nursery staff if their child has any special dietary requirements

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